I’m Emma - the driving-force, self-acclaimed powerhouse behind Emma’s Earth.

I’m a trained triple-threat musical theatre actor who has worked in children’s theatre. Emma’s Earth was born out of the glorious curve ball that was the COVID-19 pandemic. I mobilised. I took it upon myself to fight my own corner and I founded Emma’s Earth, an eco-friendly, earth saving, anti-single use, one-woman business.

I’ve always been passionate about the environment and protecting our world as best we can. I took all my burning creative energy, some recycled fabrics and a domestic sewing machine and starting sewing. 

I enjoy running, climbing, reading, sea swimming and occasionally sipping an ice-cold beer.

A whole-hearted THANK YOU for visiting my site and investing in my products - you’re saving the world, upgrading yourself and making me do a little happy dance with every single order.

Emma x