Emma’s Earth is an eco-friendly, one-woman small business, that makes reusable products for home and lifestyle. Founded in 2020, Emma’s Earth start-up has absolutely soared in our increasingly environmentally conscious society, where Greta Thunberg, Reduce Reuse Recycle and climate change are household terms.

Operating between Bristol and Plymouth, Emma’s Earth business is 100% plastic free and uses only second-hand cotton, sourcing pre-loved fabrics from shops or online market places. In this way, either buying from charity shops or local people, money is ploughed back into small communities or even better, into charitable causes.

Where products’ items aren’t second hand, the materials used are bamboo based and organic - incredibly kind to your skin. By offering household reusables, Emma’s Earth reduces landfill waste, reduces single use items in our throw-away society and makes being environmentally friendly effortless.

Emma’s Earth doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to shipping. 100% plastic free and reusable – and if that doesn’t sound like you, it’s also compostable and biodegradable. Emma’s Earth also strives to be cost effective and affordable – no more internal arguments about economising vs saving the world. You can do both!

Emma’s day really is made every time someone purchases a product and invests in her business and beliefs. Products are all handmade, bespoke and lovingly crafted.

Emma’s Earth can be found on Etsy, Depop, right here, and also through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. What’s more, Emma frequents markets SW England so you can view these products for their quality before purchase and have a chat with Emma in the meantime. THANK YOU for reading and for coming on this journey with me.